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Recommendations for more inclusive language in 2023:Non-inclusive language comes in many forms. And you can argue that there are ENDLESS types.But here are 10 types of non-inclusive language that help you avoid MOST of the pitfalls.And we also use “man” in words for which there is no “woman” alternative (e.g. “mankind”, “manpower” etc.)
“Illegal alien” is offensive to people who are immigrants in any country.
Are Baby Boomers (gasp) “old geezers”? This is non-inclusive language because using the term “geezer” in the U.S. implies frailty.Another one of the non-inclusive language examples relating to mental health is “retarded” — it’s casually used all too often, even if no harm is meant by it.Only allowing access or employing someone because they have a “degree from a top 10 school” or “a degree from an Ivy League University” is non-inclusive.Calling someone a “felon” suggests that if they have a criminal record — they are still a criminal now.“Bible beater” is a negative term people use to describe religious people who follow Christianity.